• Structured school sport program
  • Coaching, drills, games and tournaments
  • Explanation of Rules and Sportsmanship steps
  • Prizes including massive trophies, medallions, certificates & handballs
  • Official School handball rules and sportsmanship poster

Term Format

  • 3:30pm - 4:30pm
  • 1 Coach : 20 kids
  • Main goals: fun, social, awards, rules, sportsmanship and a socially grouped 4 square Tournament






10 mins

Warm up Game, Rallies & Coaching 

Listening and awareness games - Do this do that, Tree apple human or Scissors paper rock
Rallies - self rally,Buddy up rallies and work together rallies. Right hand &Left hand rally.

10 mins

Team talk - rules, sportsmanship and format

Explain rules, remove rules, add rules. Feedback and rule changes democratic vote. Explain steps for bad behaviour/sportsmanship.

30 mins


Advanced option: Graded groups. Championship points awarded every 3 minutes. Move up and down division.
Intermediate option: Get into social groups. Championship point and sportsmanship focus awards for each court. No movement up and down division.
Beginner option: 4 square example, explains rules, friendly rally comp. Q and A regarding rules



Positives, Improvements, questions regarding rules. Tally of students points and awards. Hand out awards

Awards and Prizes

  • 1 Trophy
  • 4 Gold Medallions
  • 5 Certificates
  • 2 Handballs
Total 12 prizes
  • Number vary depending on group size and effort. We heavily reward students. Not every student will get an award. They must earn it. Some may get multiple awards