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Term Format

  • Wednesday 25th October, 1st and 8th November (Year 2 and above)
  • Tuesday 17th, 24th and 31st October (KINDY and year 1)
  • 4pm - 5pm (1 hour)
  • 1 Coach : 20 kids
  • Main goals: fun, social, awards, rules, sportsmanship and a division based 4 square competitive tournament




Enjoyment and Goals. Rules and 4 square tournament


4 square tournament & Coaching Right Hand & Left Hand Slogs & Header


Alternative Formats: OUT & King of the Mountain & 6 square 






10 mins

Warm up Game

Listening and awareness games - Do this do that, Tree apple human or Scissors paper rock

10 mins

Rallies & Coaching

Rallies - Self rally, Buddy up rallies and work together rallies. Right hand & Left hand rally. Give out students points

5 mins

Team talk – rules, sportsmanship and format

Explain rules, remove rules, add rules. Feedback and rule changes democratic vote. Explain steps for bad behaviour/sportsmanship.

30 mins


Advanced option: Graded groups. Championship points awarded every 3 minute. Move up and down division.
Intermediate option: Get into social groups. Championship point and sportsmanship focus awards for each court. No Movement up and down division.

Beginner option: 4 square example, explains rules, friendly rally comp. Q and A regarding rules 

5 mins

Team Talk 

Positives, Improvements, questions regarding rules. Tally of Students points and awards. 

Awards and Prizes

  • 4 Trophies
  • 4 Gold Medallions
  • 5 Certificates
  • 4 handballs
Total 17 prizes
  • Number vary depending on group size and effort. We heavily reward students. Not every student will get an award. They must earn it. Some may get multiple awards

Download Earlwood Handball Rules

Tuesday Term 4

Wednesday Term 4