Sydney School Handball Competition is held once a term for every school child in Sydney
It’s a 4 square individual and school/team based points tournament
75+ Trophies, Medals & Awards. 150+ Schools Invited




      • Term 3 Sunday 8th September 2024 (week 7)

      • East Conference
        Time: 10:00 am - 11:30am
        Centennial Sports Centre corner Anzac Parade and Lang Road Moore Park 2021 NSW

        North Conference
        Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
        Melwood Ave Forestville 2087 Netball Courts

      • Term 3 Sunday 15th September 2024 (week 8)

      • West Conference
        Time: 10:00 am - 11:30am
        Cintra Park Concord. Netball court 9. Crane street Concord NSW 2137. Cook Ave and Renown street (closest street to courts)

        South Conference
        Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
        Heffron Centre 431R Bunnerong Road, Maroubra 2035 NSW

      • Details

      • Cost: $25 +GST
      • 75+ Trophies, Medals & Awards
      • 150+ Schools Invited
      • Enrolment deadline: Friday 5pm before the event

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75+ trophies, medallions, handballs, prizes and certificates.

Yes. Your school could win, you could be best player on your court and best sportsman. You get 3 awards/prizes. Well done, you deserve them

No. We are generous with 75+ Trophies, Medals & Awards, but not everyone gets a trophy, award or prize. We teach children that they must earn it. When they receive an award, it means a lot more; they cherish it because they know they earned it.

New format—every time you are in King and a point is over, you get a peg point. In other words, every time you survive a point and stay in King, you get a peg point. Example: If Dunce gets Queen out and you're in King, get a peg point. After 1 hour of play, you may have 46 peg points. This will go to your individual tally and school tally.

  • Advanced 1 peg point = 5 points
  • Intermediate 1 peg point = 2 points
  • Beginners 1 peg point = 1 point
  • Bonus Points
  • Champions of the Court Advanced 100
  • Intermediate 50
  • Beginners 10
  • Cheering and Team Spirit 10 (each time)

No. You can wear any sports clothing. However, the best school or best group award goes to cheering and support. Wearing school clothes, flags, custom-made team shirts have massive team morale and impact on this award.

5 ways. We grade students based on previous results, year groups 1-12, by beginner, intermediate, advanced enrolment notification. And then further grading/movement up and down divisions will happen in the first 30 minutes of the official tournament. You can move up and down anytime and into any division and mix with any age group depending on your ability at any time.

You will be SMS'd and emailed 2 hours before the event. A full refund, transfer or credit will be made.

Yes. If you are good enough you will move into higher age groups. Same goes for Year 10’s if they are struggling they can move into lower age groups.

A full refund, credit or transfer will be given if it rains, your child is sick or injured. Please inform us before the event, if your child can not attend. We will inform you via email and SMS if its washed out

No need to sign in or come to front desk. all information is on our website, been emailed and sms’d to you. Please read it. Any major issues or question please come to the front desk for help.

No. As a parent you enrol individually for your child. It's both an individual player comp and combined school comp. If other students enrol from the same school there combined points go towards there school tally.

Yes. You can play in any and all conference locations. They are just different locations/ times/dates to make it convenient to travel.