Structured school sport programs. Coaching, drills, games and tournaments. Explanation of Sportsmanship and rules. Prizes, trophies, handballs, memberships and hats provided.



  • Structured school sport programs
  • Coaching, drills, games and tournaments
  • Explanation of Sportsmanship and rules
  • Prizes, trophies, handballs, memberships and hats provided
  • Star reward program and Level/grading system

School Services

  • School handball rules and sportsmanship posters
  • Setup more on school grounds handball courts. Choose permanent (painted) or semi permanent (gaffa tape) or temporary (masking tape) choose either 4,6, 8 or 10 squares
  • Inter school challenges
  • Bus transport


  • $110 per hour per coach +gst 1:20 ratio
  • Prizes, trophies and membership costs included in hourly price